Records Request

IC 36-2-14-10 outlines the state regulations and access to the coroner’s records. The coroner retains the ultimate decision on the release of information in regards to a case. At no time will the Coroner or a Coroner’s Office team member release information that could possibly hinder or alter the result of a criminal case.

If the report is not considered classified and able to be released, the report will not be released until the fees are paid to the Shelby County Treasurer by form of check or money order.

Next of Kin Release

This form may be used in the event that the Next of Kin would like to appoint another legal adult to interact with the Coroner’s Office. Indiana State law outlines the term and sequence of next of kin and will be followed unless otherwise stated.

Autopsy Consent

Consent for Autopsy to be completed.

In the event that personal property is retained by the Coroner’s Office. You may set an appointment to pick up the property or choose to have the property mailed to you. In the event you wish for the property to be mailed, the legal next of kin is required to cover cost of shipping. Prior to shipping, the Shelby County Treasurer must receive payment for invoiced amount of shipping charges.

Consent to Mail Property

Form must be completed prior to viewing remains in the possession of the Coroner.

Liability Release

Next of Kin Relinquishment

In the event that the legal next of kin refuses to assume responsibility and refuses to appoint the representative. Completion of this form will result in the next person within the legal term of Next of Kin to be notified

This form is to be completed by health care professionals needing to report a death of natural causes or hospice related.

Report a Death

Internships and educational opportunities are available through the Shelby County Coroner’s Office. Please complete the privacy and confidentiality form and email